Day of the Dead work and candles

Hi! I’ve just finished my last work, “Oya and my bones”, can see it down here ^___^
OYA and my bones//

here there are some photos for the Day of the Dead..jar candles diy….


the kitchen altar (there was food too, before!!)2novofferte4__800x600

some fruitful offerings..halloween offerte 1_800x600

..and Osso, the Amigurumi skull – He knows everything

^..^halloween offerte 2_800x600



yoyo says see you soon too




oya_600x848Another time another Oya..Hope that in this icon-like painting I got the power of this spirit!
The work has been made with pencils and acrylic on paper.
See you soon! ❤

Un’altra icona di Oya..spero di aver trasmesso la forza di questo spirito! Il lavoro è stato fatto con matite e acrilico su carta.

Maman Oya: Rainbow Spirit


An illustration of Maman Oya,the Spirit of Rainbow, Winds and Dead. Let me know if you like it!
Continuando con le immagini sacre, questa è la prima di una serie su Oya Yansan, lo Spirito dell’Arcobaleno, dei Fulmini, dei Venti, e dei Morti.Spero vi piaccia!!!

Full moon

Full Moon by yemo

I have worked on a dream I had some time ago..people “growin'” from inside (maybe because I was readin’ something about the idea of re-incarnation). Hope you like it!
with ❤

p.s. +details here